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Caregivers Often Experience A Sense Of Aloneness

This entire site is about supporting the Caregiver.

Its purpose is not to give medical advice or look for a cure. (although our greatest wish is for the next generation to be able to ask "What is Alzheimer's" because a cure was found and it no longer exists)

It is meant to HELP caregivers, to PROTECT their well being, to SUPPORT them, to be with them from the first vague signs of the disease through each all the stages.

This video brings home the toll of Alzheimer’s, which makes no exceptions for politicians, musicians, writers, athletes, or actors.Video credit: Toni Wombaker

Posted by Alzheimer's Inspiration on Thursday, November 6, 2014

The TRUTH is, even if you cannot see or know them, There are others like you going through a similar situation and dealing with the same issues, problems and experiences ... many others


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